I have to get better about updating my Now page!  The problem with Now is that it is always gone as soon as you realize it is here.  I mean, that photo is from yesterday, but I’m calling it close enough to now.

Today is July 2nd, 2021.  What’s on top:

Looking forward to spending time in the mountains soon!!  Need the river renewal and the healing of the big trees.  Very grateful that I am so close to wilderness.

Loving sleeping on the deck and fantasizing about how to do that year round. Tarp solution? Ideas welcome.

I am nearing the finish line with my book about music and elders, which feels fantastic.   Please read my latest post to get a sense of it, would love to hear from you.  I still don’t know how I am going to publish it, waiting for that path to be clear.

Writing and recording both brand new and quite old songs (that never saw the light of day but are clamoring towards the light)  with Brian here at the Waterwitch Cathedral, working with incredible musicians tracking on the songs:  Morgan Doctor, Steve Poltz, Trevor Pendras, Peter Pendras, Carl Dexter, Johanna Warren, Tyrrell Sweetman, Heather Dunn.  I love these people so much and am continually blown away by their brilliance.

Have a bottleneck with the video production, but stuff is in the works.

Health is much improved!

Still working on the screen with the elders, but I have done a few live performances and even some one-to-one work.  So great to see people in person again.

Love to you all, stay sane, ask questions, keep reinventing yourselves, keep the love flowing!